Coubs of the year

It’s time to look back at the best coubs of the past year. Check out the most popular coubs and our selection of hidden gems and memes from 2013. Enjoy! Happy New Year!


Nightcall by Kavinsky.
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Drive thumb ad560d84d43356fe7377115fc6ec7248237b4cfca1b4c2f617fcc603c8d86fa7


Multiple tracks strung together.
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Radio thumb b50124859c62328450b825600eb9e0dc828ed667e874433fcd1711121b5d9e72


Hypnotized by Oliver Koletzki
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Hypnotized thumb 8f0b0230cbe7dc837bb0da54a85e22f1cf8e8550d2eac65726e0bd90bf2aaf9a


Optimism by Honor & B.A.N.G.
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Optimism thumb 5d0d47bde3d4584b5d2901c1a3b0420d48c27e6ff1ff0461236c3dc8e006282b

My dick

My dick by Mickey Avalon.
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My dick thumb 8a12aa40d818aa24e20611c5a33d2c1220f1a94562875d6855c69c9d19bcd856

Summertime sadness

Summertime sadness by
Lana Del Rey. Go to the
Summertime channel for more.

Summertime sadness thumb 6c680ac9caec5f57470d272327567c0293a31e02c229f105400306bd8b797f9e

God damn

Palace by A$AP Rocky.
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God damn thumb 04837908cfe710fd02024a5faade168e1f7ecc1b8d981eb96f6c5fbfd6179324


Grand Theft Auto IV loading screen theme.

Gta thumb 924e48963f9f43211765e0d4674221a4b7e4d71256e79ba8ee2aa12d69ec69d8