Warning. This API is no longer supported and will be disabled on Feb 1, 2021.

This endpoint provides your with all latest events that regard to your coubs.

Get notifications list

GET /api/v2/notifications

Request parameters:

  • page (integer) — the number of the page containing results (by default is set to 1);
  • per_page (integer) — the number of notifications per one page.

Request example:

GET /api/v2/notifications?page=1&per_page=10

Response parameters:

  • page (integer) — the number of the required page;
  • total_pages (integer) — the number of all pages;
  • notifications (array) — the array of notification JSONs, each JSON consists of following fields:
    • id (integer) — the notification identifier;
    • kind (string) — the type of the notification, can contain one of the following values: follow, recoub, like;
    • system_notification (boolean) — whether the notification was send by Coub services;
    • entity_type (string) — the type of the object the notification relates to, can contain be either channel or coub;
    • read_at (UNIX-time) — the time when the notification was read;
    • created_at (UNIX-time) — the time when the notification was created; updated_at (UNIX-time) — the time when the notification was updated;
    • important (boolean) — whether notification is marked as important;
    • senders (array) — the array of channel small JSONs that contains data about the senders — channels that perform the action the notification relates to;
    • recipient (JSON) — the channel small JSON that stores data about the user channel that receives the notification;
    • object (JSON) — the coub big JSON that stores the data about the coub.

Set notifications as viewed

POST /api/v2/channels/notifications_viewed

Request parameters:

  • none

Respone parameters:

The JSON contains status field.

Response example:

    "status": "ok",