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Tomb Raider 2013 English Language Packl DOWNLOAD: ••• English/Dutch/Portuguese version of the game.The moment I download it, it is in French/German. Will a language pack be available soon? Yes. You can install the language pack using an XML file that you can find on The Pirate Bay website. Do you have a question but can't find the exact answer to it? Do not worry. You can ask your question in the "Questions and Answers" section, and we will try to answer (we do not always have time to answer questions, so we try to do it as quickly as possible). Please be patient. 5e032f240e October 20, 2021 - Graphics : Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB; DirectX: version 12; Storage: 40 GB of free space. Languages: English*, French*, ... "Rocket League" is a driving simulation game wh