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Why Did I Get Married Movie Download DOWNLOAD: >>>>> Eight married college friends gather for a reunion, but a startling revelation about infidelity sets off a chain of ... Available for Download ... This movie. That's the name of the book it's based on. It has a sequel, Eight Days and Nights with Marilyn, but I'll come back to it later if you decide to see this movie. Unfortunately, it's not the movie by which to judge what "Eight Days and Nights with Marilyn" is all about. But I wasn't going to do that; I don't remember when I watched it at all. I don't remember when I saw it at all, but we have in common that it's not memorable, it's not memorable, and I don't like it. 5e032f240e Why Did I Get Married? (2007) is an English film. The director of this film is Tyler Perry. Starring Tyler Perry,