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Rar Surah Baqarah Arabic Text Book Full Edition .epub

Surah Baqarah Arabic Text.pdf DOWNLOAD: >>>>> para nonametransliterationstartjuz 1 alif laam meemal-fatiha 1al-baqarah 141juz 2 sayaqahlal-2baqar baqarah 252juz 3 tilka -r-rusulal-baqarah 253al-imran 92View 29 other lines (Arabic) 5e032f240e Sura Al-Baqara (in Arabic text: ) is the second chapter of the Koran. The name of the sura in English means "Cow" and consists of 286 verses. The sura contains a call to monotheism, as well as a plea for forgiveness. Prophet Mohammed used to say "Ayat al-Baqarah is the best of all the verses that has ever been sent down." The sura tells that Almighty Allah sent Musa and his brother Harun and their followers to the pharaoh of Egypt Ishakbay.Pharaoh and his people did not believe them that "by God they sent down the Torah and the Gospel"