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The Mummy Returns 1080p Subtitles English 💪 DOWNLOAD: ✪ . 5.1) Subtitles: French, Spanish Subtitles for the hearing impaired: English. THE MUMMY IS BACK 4K ULTRA HD + BLU RAY RARE OOP SLIPCOVER SLEEVE FREE. 5.05.00. (The Mummy 3: The Final Act) (USA). Genre: action, adventure. Director: Danny McBride. Cast: Elizabeth Hurley, Sam Neill, Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, Richard Roxburgh, Irene Ziegler, Paul Cameron, James Faulkner, Christopher Lloyd, James Murdoch. The film takes place six years after the events shown in the first part. The mummy returns to Egypt and kidnaps the pharaoh princess. To capture the villain and save the country, the Pharaoh's troops enter the battle. 5e032f240e Download The Mummy Returns 2001 subtitles from a database of thousands of subtitles in over 75 lang