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HD Online Player (the Tanu Weds Manu Returns Dual Audi) 🖥️ DOWNLOAD: ►►►►► Four years after the wedding, Tanu and Manu decide to separate and return to India. While Tanu is still uncertain about her future, Manu decides to marry Kusuma. To carry out their intention, Tanu returns to India. When Tanu finds out that Manu plans to marry Kusuma, she becomes enraged and threatens to kill her. Kusuma realizes that Tanu will never give Manu his consent to marry her. So she kills Tanu and at the same time tries to seduce Manu. But Manu does not respond to her charms. Then Kusuma confesses that he is Tanu's killer. In anger, Manu kills her, and then, repenting of his deed, throws the dagger into the river. 5e032f240e Tanu and Manu reconcile while Kusum and Raj