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Talesrunner Pkg Repack 🙌 DOWNLOAD: ►►► To run the unpacker, open the PROGENV file and press the second button. Now, when you select PKG files, they will be extracted to a folder inside your pkg... unpacker, which will be located in the same directory as the PKG itself. is not ideal, as all your files will be packed into your directory.If you want the PKG files to still be stored in your directory, check the Use my original PKG directory box.When you run not unpacker, it will also create an unpacked folder with PKG inside it. 5e032f240e February 25, 2013 - Re: TalesRunner .pkg unpacker. I want to translate the whole game! and change something in TR! do you have it? I can get a copy of the game and I can do it myself. I can't get a copy of the game (even if it's on the