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Sofistik Reinforcement Detailing 2016 Cracksl DOWNLOAD: ✏ ✏ ✏ Corrosion of rebar caused by chlorides: the impact of . [1] Clausen, Anya B.E. (2016) Early assessment of the aging of concrete structures. Experimental. No 2. S. 7-28. [2] Clausen, Anna B.E. (2016) Evaluation of the effect of chlorides on the strength and durability of concrete. Experimental. No 4. S. 2-8. [3] Klas, I.L. (1985) Elasticity, plasticity, creep and fracture. M.: Science. [4] Clark, L. (1980) Elastoplastic materials and their applications. M.: Mir. [5] Klas, I.L., Kaplan, I.E. (1986) Basic research methods for creep and long-term strength. Kiev: Nauk. thought. [6] Class 5e032f240e March 16, 2020 SOFiSTiK AG's new bridge modeling tool supports parameterized 3D design, detailing and analysis of bridges,