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Samurai Deeper Kyo Anime Download Torrent DOWNLOAD: ✵ Anime: K-on / K-on! Production: Japan Genre: comedy, romance, ecchi Type: TV (11 episodes), 25 min. Release: from 04/27/2005 to 09/27/2005 Broadcast at 21:00 [2x2] Directed by: Mizushima Tsutomu Original author: Yamaguchi Norio Description: What can be said for 11 episodes? This anime is very funny. But the funniest thing is that it's pretty kind, though that doesn't make it any less funny. It has a light, slightly vulgar sense of humor. Love the fact that all the characters are students and not adults. 5e032f240e Samurai Deeper Kyo takes a unique and quirky look at the history of Edo and battles between samurai. This story has its twists and turns, but when you think "last". No matter how! Samurai: The Battle for Edo is about