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PrintertonerresetFirmwarefixsamsungml2160 📥 DOWNLOAD: ✦ January 12, 2021, Price, Photo Printer's memory is filled. 5e032f240e Hi, my samsung ML 2165 printer has recently stopped working. When I plug in the power cable, the green power button is displayed... But when I plug the cable into the computer, nothing happens. I unplugged it and plugged it back in but nothing happened. What should I do It does not work printer, but I see that it is not.-Epson XP 330. Hello, it looks strange, could you check what problem does not work. -Epson XP 330. Hi, I checked that my printer is in the list of printers. As a printer? Yes, it was just recently. Did you try to do something with the printer? The toner cartridge for Samsung printer has expired or the message that the toner cart