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Fallo En La Llamada A La Funcion Dll ⏳ DOWNLOAD: –––––>>> October 12, 2017 - I have a GL703, installing Armory also fails at startup itself: Error number: 0x80040707. Description: Dll function call failed: IsSupported. Framework.dll from: C:\Windows\System32\mdw\wmdows\wmi.dll. Error code: 0x80040440. If I use WinDbg in C:\Windows\system32\mdw\wmdows\wmi.dll it says something like: C:\Windows\system32\mdw\wmdows\wmi.dll is not supported on this platform. A Windows version of the WMI tool is missing for the version of Windows that is running. The command line parameters for this version of Windows are no longer available. Please contact the Microsoft technical support team for further assistance. 5e032f240e fallo en la llamada a la funcion