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Download Ballance Game Full Version 17 DOWNLOAD: ✔ The Only Christmas Playing of Balance Game (December 17, 1984, #5531D) Santa Claus had a lot of work all over the planet that year because Christmas was on its way. He arrived in Europe at noon on December 24 and continued on to other continents, where Santa Claus could not be too busy to make it on time for all the holidays. If Santa Claus could travel faster than light, he would arrive exactly on Christmas Day. But alas, Santa Claus didn't have time to travel fast, so he had to arrive in New York one day early on Christmas Day. 5e032f240e Ballance is a 3D video game developed by the German studio Cyparade, published by Atari and released in 2004. 75 11 390 00 Mar. Taxes , Richmond 4 47 Cash 422,820 49 Balance 4,234,158 92 $ 4,707,68