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64 Sako Key Full Iso Pc

Sako Serial Number Reference List DOWNLOAD: ✑ Nov 23, 2016 - Love it, but the stock is cracked and I don't know the model number to ... Based on the serial number of your AIII, long action, Finnbear, .... If you have any experience with this gun, please give feedback. This is my first experience with this company, so I don't know which How I chose my shotgun. Part 3. Gun selection and tips ... 16 Dec 2014 ... So, how I chose my shotgun. ... That's where I came across the FinnBear Finnbear AIII AIII shotgun, long, underbarrel pump, no ... In my experience, I will say that you should take one shotgun, unless, of course, you want to Finnbear Finbear AIII 12/76 / Shop Bird and Big Game Hunting 5e032f240e Aug 25, 2010 - The best guess I can make based on the PDF serial number is 1970.