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Blu-ray Iyarkai Dubbed Full 720 4k Mkv 💲

Iyarkai Tamil Movie 🔽 DOWNLOAD: ►►►►► Iyarkai is a 2003 Tamil film directed by S. P. Jananathan and produced by A. E. Gunasekaran. The film stars Shaam, Arun Vijay, Kutti Radhika and Seema Biswas. The film is about love, betrayal and revenge. The film is shot in the style of a melodramatic thriller. The film grossed about 30 million rupees at the box office in India. The film received the following awards: - Filmfare Awards South Best Director (S. P. Jananathan) Best Screenplay (S.P. Jananathan, A.E. Gunasekar) Best Soundtrack (A. K. Narayan) - Filmfare Award for Best Screenplay (S.P. Jananathan, A.E. Gunasekar) - Filmfare Award for the best soundtrack (A. K. Narayan) 5e032f240e Iyarkay (2003); Directed by: S. P. Jananathan; Category: Cinema ; La