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Bisar 30 Shell Software 11 💿 DOWNLOAD: ⇔ I used KenPave and WESLEA to calculate displacements in different layers of paving slabs. Both of these packages are for pavement design only. 17 replies   1 vote: You can use mePADS (in the free version or even in the well-known ... . I would like to know if "wepADS" is what is used to calculate displacement and wear when using asphalt pavement. If not, what is the correct way to calculate? Can anyone point me to something like mePADS and explain the differences between them First of all, mePADS is not an "asphalt pavement", it is software for determining operating conditions. MePADS does not provide any load data, but it does it differently anyway. 5e032f240e Bisar 3.0 Shell Software 11 Civil Engineering Pavement Desig