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Law Cause Effect Daniele Prandel ๐Ÿ’ฝ DOWNLOAD: โœบ Influence of the involved parameters (exponent of the physical power law of Ostwald-de Wael for liquid, disk thickness index, Prandtl number) on the velocity and temperature fields. The influence of the disk thickness index on the velocities is shown in Fig. 2b. For this, the parameters included in the power law expression are considered. According to these parameters, the velocities must be within the limits Let us assume that the parameter 1d = 0.5, since in this case the velocities are within the limits (2.1) Rice. 2 Influence of the parameter 1d = 0.5 on the speed values Note that for 1d = 0.28 the velocities lie within (2.2) 5e032f240e Download for free. Law Cause Consequence Daniele Prandel. Free download. Real-time im