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Download Film Vino G Bastian Cinta Mati Movie DOWNLOAD: › Vino G. Bastian Vino G. Bastian, born in Jakarta on March 24, 1982, began his career as a star model, and then spread his wings after casting the film 30. This was the first time he appeared in which he was the first in the world to be popular in Indonesia. He gained fame as a fashion magazine model and in men's videos. He was the first Indonesian to be named the most popular top model 5e032f240e Stars: Wine G. Bastian Dion Viyoko Astrid Tiar. Country: ID; Language: Indonesian Indonesian; Duration: 95. The film 'Star' is an adaptation of the book by Ariana Havo. And my friend, who watched this film in the cinema, was very unlucky. This is a fairy tale movie. In the beginning, when there was no movie yet, we watched it. Titl