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Unigraphics Nx 8.5 Download Torrent DOWNLOAD: ··· Exercise 3: Mirror Sketch, Offset, Trim, Tangent Arc, Basic Constraints, Symmetrical Draft Extrusion . Exercise 4: Changing extrusion options. Exercise 5 Exercise 6 Exercise 7 Exercise 8: Creating a Truncated Surface Exercise 9. Dimensioning. Exercise 10 Creating a chamfer Exercise 11 Create a chamfer based on the base surface. Exercise 12 Creating a chamfer taking into account the section. Exercise 13 Creating a chamfer, taking into account the base section. Exercise 14 Creating a chamfer based on a face. 5e032f240e NX, formerly known as "unigraphics", is an advanced high quality CAD/CAM/CAE owned by Siemens PLM since 2007 . Software. In 2000 Unigraphics. was acquired by Siemens PLM Software, which currently