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Scary Stories 3 More Tales To Chill DOWNLOAD: ⚹ In Episode 24 of "Retro Read Along" we read one of my favorite tales from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. "Haunted House" Gillian Flynn. I also have a ghost in my house. She lives in our old house in Connecticut. She cannot be seen, but her voice can be heard in the closet or from behind the door. She says she wants me to be happy and I always promised her that I would. But I wasn't happy. I married my best friend and couldn't even love her. We had a child and he became the center of our world. My ex-wife said she was pregnant and I said I was too. 5e032f240e Scary Stories 3 is a timeless collection of chilling scary tales and legends, with folklorist Alvin Schwartz telling some of the most disturbing tales. Scary Stories 3 is a t