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In Name Of Love Mexican Telenovela Full Story In English DOWNLOAD: ★★★★★ The cast was led by Jorge Salinas, Jos Ron and Ana Brenda Contreras. For the title role in the film "The Lost City" Julian Muna is famous for his roles in the films "Satanic Tango" and "Labyrinth". It is known that the actresses officially became the wives of the spouses after eight years of marriage, although before that they had met for three years. Argyris and Contreras have three children - 8-year-old Louise, 5-year-old Luis and 3-year-old Lucas.In the theater of Santiago de Cuba, the actor first appeared in 1998. Now he rarely appears on stage, and the actor admits that he does not like playing Argyris, because this image is too memorable. On April 19, it became known that