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Mkv Policewala Gunda 2 Watch Online Film X264

Policewala Gunda 2 720p Download Movies DOWNLOAD: · The plot of the film tells about Sivan, a respected don in the Madurai region. Together with his gang, he robbed the people who took away a piece of land from his family. When Sivan goes to prison, he learns that his father, like him, was a member of a criminal gang, and decided to become one in order to take revenge on the offenders. The film opens with Sivan's father being killed in a street shootout. Sivan's mother behaves rather strangely towards her son, she constantly appears in the shadows, which watches Sivan's actions. Eventually, Sivan breaks out of prison and is confronted by his father and the gang. Sivana's aunt, Ringa, approaches him with a request to avenge her murder. Sivan is going on an important mission wi