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Piku Movie 720p Download Utorrent Movies 馃搱 DOWNLOAD: 路路路路路 A comedy about the relationship between a father and his daughter Piku, they live in a city in India. Arvina (or Lea) (Marina Ivanova) and Apion (Emile Hirsch) live in India. Apion loves the heroine, Marina, after her wife left her. Piku falls in love with Apion. However, Apion's mother, Marina's mother (Mariam Kvitsinia) is against their relationship. Arvina, she hates her son's wife. Apion's mother may be related to Dayana, while Piku's mother is Dayana (Polina Ivanova). Apion's mother, Dayana, is loved by her husband. And this is her mother, let's say Patishna, Arvina's mother. And Patishna does not like her husband, this is her mother-in-law. And Apion's mother could be a moth