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The Bible Full Movie Tagalog Version 2014 Abs Cbn DOWNLOAD: ⚙ [4] It has since been adapted for theatrical release as a feature film (138 minutes), 2014 American epic Bible drama The Son of God. The Bible (An . Book of Genesis, ch. 1, v. 2 - King James Bible, New Testament translation) contains several stories of miraculous births, especially those of Jesus and his mother. This is one of those stories that often causes controversy among believers and non-believers. Other stories from the Old Testament that may also be the subject of controversy include the birth of Daniel in Bethlehem, as well as events such as those described in Isaiah when God says, "I have anointed my King over Zion" (Isaiah 61:1).# ##^ "Mat Ranillo III, the Pork Barrel Scam and His Religious Films". Pinoy Po