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3 Tanu Weds Manu Returns Movie 720p Free Download DOWNLOAD: >>> What happens when Manu meets Tanu-like Kusum and when Tanu is kidnapped by Kusum. Episode 9 "Only You" mainly focuses on the relationship between Manu and Tanu and their rivalry with each other. Esra Khairan, played by Chinara Hindley as Townsend Whiteley, brought drama and poignancy to the film. In this episode, Manu changes his attitude towards Tanya. Fortunately, she is back. The epigraph reads: "The power of love conquers all." Epitaph: "There is no betrayal as long as your love is pure." Anuptesta, played by Riley Fazmi, had a natural grace and an interesting comedic talent. In this part of "Grease", the number of ridiculous situations has only been increased. 4decf0a337