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Classmate Marathi Movie Download Utorrent-kickass Utorrentk DOWNLOAD: ○○○ Satya (Ankush Chowdhary), the party leader in his college, falls in love with Aditi (Sonali Kulkarni), the politician's niece. But she rejects him and eventually leaves him for Yusuf Rajput (Amir Shah). Going to meet her in Switzerland, he finds peace of mind. In the same place, in Europe, he sees the name of Aditya in a newspaper article - she is a relative of Barnabas (Alam Padar). Satya was convinced that she was his wife. She flees to India and they go to India to live and enjoy life. But when the Russians come to the country, Satya and Agartha are arrested, and Aditya disappears forever. Satya's parents die in a plane crash that killed her brothers, leaving her alone. Agarthas destroy he