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Mainconcept Codec Suite For Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6 ⭕ DOWNLOAD: ---> leading provider of high-quality codec technologies supporting industry standards: HEVC/H.265, MPEG-4, M-JPEG, BD/DVD-Video, MP3, MP4 , WMA, VCD and SVCD.One of Tecsound's products is DVD-VR hard drive technology. H.264/HEVA (HD/High Definition Video) is a popular video data compression format followed by stream decoding based on the "H.264" video encoding and decoding algorithm. TecSound provides conversion of HD/Hi-End video content to H.3844 and H.2511 formats. SteadyShot signal loss detection technology based on Audio Coded Fields (ACF) scanning has also been developed over the past few years. Steadyshot video loss detection technology allows HD video (HD DVD, VHS, etc.) to be safely stored and played back