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Jaspreet Ni Kaaton Mera Dil Todeya Punjabi Sad Song.mp3 DOWNLOAD: ··· Song Title - Dil Ko Aaya Sukoon Prabh Gill - Ishq Tera | Punjabi romantic. Japji Haira | Mannat Nur | Kurmayan | Lyrics | New Punjabi song Pta Ni Ki Ho. (Translated from Hindi) (To the motive of the song "On the ocean of air, without a rudder and sails ...".) On an airy ocean, without a rudder and sails, Obeying only the will of the wind, A lifeless ball flew. The lifeless ball flew. Suddenly a hurricane swooped in and began to destroy him, Throwing up, and throwing down. And the wounded ball flew, and the wind drove it. Drove him down. And he flew. And every minute it became harder and harder to carry it. He flew, and it became more and more difficult to carry him. It was flying and it was gettin