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THE BABYLONIAN TALMUD (10 BOOKS WITH COMPLETE 20-VOLUME TALMUD FOR COLLECTION OF JEWISH LAWS AND TRA DOWNLOAD: — BABYLONIAN TALMUD (10 BOOKS WITH THE COMPLETE TALMUD 20 VOLUME FOR JEWISH LAWS AND TRA) : Schoken Books, 1995), 108.n Ketubot , Babylonian Talmud The distinctive features of Judaism's teachings remind us that the tradition is close to Israelite Judaism: "Do the king and the people come to the Lord their God?" (1 Sam. 3.9) and "when the king comes..." (2 Sam. 2.4). Judaism, in principle, perfectly preserves the identification of God with the Supreme. We find proof of this in texts relating to Jehovah's church, especially in Deuteronomy, where God is called Jehovah. When God is said to be "one and the same among all men" (Exodus 4:7), and when Jehovah is called the "Rep