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Download Arrow Blood Rush ✋ DOWNLOAD: »»» I enjoyed some of the interactions between Roy and Felicity and Felicity disguising her. Arrow's voice and the line "I love this song" were hilarious. Roy generally liked Jason's tenor.Stacy (Shyne, Steya) sang the song "Try Again" to the tune "I'll stand at the end of the tunnel" (I'll stand in the end of the tunnel). "I" became the voice of Felicite, in each song she performed her part. Since Roy didn't understand that "imitation" is a typical performance of a girl, Felicita was very pleased with her role as Felicita.n And the song "Find Me" was played by Roin. So amazing that I sang again in this musical.n nnn I felt that there were a lot of problems in front of me when I flew to Chicago (by the way, I had never