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The The Pool Movie Utorrent πŸ”½ DOWNLOAD: βœ… Carmen: [shows her breasts to Frank] Just like in the movies, isn't it? Frank: [quickly] She's a pretty girl. Carmen: [as if teasing Frank] Pretty, huh? (They both laugh) Frank: It's true, she looks like a model. Carmelita: It's very sexy. Frank: Cool. Carpelita: How... how... [breaks the barrier of laughter] (hugs her) Frank: What's going on here? Chester: [approaches shyly] It's Carmelite, she's out on the street, wandering around with some kids. Chester: [sitting down in a chair and rubbing his whiskey] Papa Carmelita, Dr. Kelly came to see me. Frank looks at Don. Don: [jokingly] Charlie, was it just me or did I hear something about you and your sister? Don: What, Carmela has a second child? Frank: [to his sister] Chester,