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Free Putty Download 2021

PuTTY is a free and open-source data transfer, terminal emulator, and serial console for Windows. It supports various network protocols to establish a secure connection for transferring sensitive information. The most popular terminal emulator PuTTY Download is a free serial console, terminal emulator, and the most popular SSH customer. Created by Simon Tatham, this is now maintained by developers from around the world. It offers a command-line interface that you can customize according to your requirements. The cross-platform software is available with source code and can also be downloaded on Mac devices.

Installing this on Windows 10 is quite straightforward. Once downloaded, open the group of files that you come across and select the application. The program will launch to reveal a configuration window. Here, you’ll have to enter details of your network connection, hostname, and other such details. After that’s done, click on open and start using the program