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Learn Cloud Computing Courses Online

RedPeppy is an E-Learning portal of Kuberiter Inc., offering , specializing in:  Kubernetes Docker Podman Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Microsoft Azure Terraform; and . The Cloud computing courses are designed to provide practical skills in an accessible format, so the users receive the most current to become certified, and understand the underlying DevOps principles. Courses are led by RedPeppy’s Master Cloud Architect Trainer, Lawrence Manickam, and offer insights from his 25+ years of IT experience, consulting with more than 40 corporate and government clients in the United States and Canada, and expertise deploying Cloud native applications with AWS, Azure, and GCP platforms.

Learn Cloud Native Computing Courses

RedPeppy is the E-Learning portal of Kuberiter Inc. RedPeppy hosts Cloud Computing courses, webinars and provides career advice.