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Whats gouing on

What is Reddit As I mentioned, Reddit is a social news site that was once created to make it easy to find and share links to news, articles, and just interesting content. But over time, the portal has grown, destroying the popular Digg, and now it is, in fact, a platform for conversations, that is, a forum, an image board, and so on. Links and their discussions remain an important part of the platform, but only part of it. More and more often people come here to communicate, having escaped from drowning forums and dead sites. Due to the huge popularity of the portal, many users use it to draw attention to a particular issue, or, more often, a site. Many sites have come across the so-called "Slashdot effect", when one link to Reddit (sometimes - even just in the comments) leads to an overload of the site's servers due to the influx of visitors.

Also if you don’t want to register you can buy account here Once Reddit may have seemed like a strange alternative to the popular social networks, where anonymity continues to be appreciated, and where people are addressed by nicknames, not names, but now it has become a standard platform, both simply for communication and for connecting with fans. AMA (Ask Me Anything) is constantly held here, when a star (or indeed anyone) answers questions in the comments for an hour. This only underlines the influence of the site and its role in the modern world.