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Tips on Writing a Good Recommendation Letter

A letter of recommendation or reference letter, referred to as a letter of recommendation, executive letter of recommendation, professional letter of recommendation and urban legend letter of recommendation, is a written document where the author states his or her personal opinion about the candidate, where he or she provides a detailed profile of the candidate and why he or she should be selected for the position. Common reasons for candidates request such a letter are to be noticed by higher-ups, to be put on their good side, to create a good impression or to simply say thank you to the person who has referred the candidate. There are different types of recommendations for different jobs. An executive recommendation refers to a  that is generally recommended by higher-ups within an organization. A letter of recommendation can also come from a non-employee.

The letter format used to request a recommendation letter usually follows the following format: First, the name of the candidate (first name, last name if there is a last name requirement) then the position for which the candidate is applying, the location for which the candidate is applying, the name of the company to which the candidate belongs, the summary of the personal qualities and achievements, the information about the professional qualifications and other relevant information needed for evaluating the candidate. Sometimes, the position for which a candidate is applying may require additional information to be provided in the recommendation letter.