Coubs of the year

It’s time to look back at the best coubs of the past year. Check out the most popular coubs and our selection of hidden gems and memes from 2013. Enjoy! Happy New Year!


Nightcall by Kavinsky.
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Drive thumb


Multiple tracks strung together.
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Radio thumb


Hypnotized by Oliver Koletzki
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Hypnotized thumb


Optimism by Honor & B.A.N.G.
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Optimism thumb

My dick

My dick by Mickey Avalon.
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My dick thumb

Summertime sadness

Summertime sadness by
Lana Del Rey. Go to the
Summertime channel for more.

Summertime sadness thumb

God damn

Palace by A$AP Rocky.
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Grand Theft Auto IV loading screen theme.

Gta thumb