Coub Community Guidelines

Guides and policies for coubers

Current version published on 23 November 2022

Coub is a platform and community of creative minds where every user has the right to self-expression. We respect each other’s opinions, freedom, and creativity and strive to provide a safe environment for millions of people worldwide. The Coub team is committed to these community rules, and we hope our users are too. You can always refer to this webpage for the most up-to-date information about Coub guidelines.

This document is not an exhaustive list of every possible term and restriction, and is subject to change. After all, even the strictest rules mean nothing without general goodwill and respect within the community. Let’s take care of others to help Coub flourish!

Coub main principles

We have three basic rules that serve as the basis for all other content and user guidelines.

📣 No advertising

We want Coub to be completely ad-free. That’s why we disabled all banner ads on our website and in app. Our team closely monitors content and ensures there are no brand integrations or spam.

⚖️ Follow the law

The platform strictly forbids publishing illicit content that includes encouraging violence, hate speech, justification of fascism and terrorism, promotion of illegal substances, and propaganda of any kind.

✊ Respect others

We want every couber to feel safe and respected regardless of their gender, sexuality, nationality, skin color, and views. Coub will not tolerate and, therefore, will ban content that calls for aggression or disrespects any individuals or social groups.

🚫 What’s forbidden

The following topics are forbidden on Coub, as per our Terms of Service: within coubs, titles, tags, comments, profile pictures, descriptions, cover images or in any other possible context.

Publishing content that falls under any of these categories will lead to coub deletion. In the case of repeated or severe violations — channel deletion.

❌ Explicit content

We do not allow posting content that contains pornography, erotica, or any other imagery of obscenity.

❌ Nazism and fascism

The propaganda of nazism, fascism, white supremacy and Holocaust denial are forbidden in any form.

❌ Violence and Incitement

It’s forbidden to incite aggression, hatred, or revenge. This includes content containing cruelty, violence, nationalism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and religious hatred.

❌ Propaganda of terrorism and extremism

We forbid content calling for, justifying or promoting extremism and terrorism. This includes posting symbols, names, or referring to organizations prohibited by local governments.

❌ Misinformation

Coub does not permit the publication of materials that promote conspiracy theories and pseudoscience or deny historical or scientific facts. For example, misinformation on vaccine efficacy, questioning actions of national armed forces, etc.

❌ Shocking and violent content

Content that may cause unpleasant feelings and psychological damage is considered violent and shocking. It relates to any realistic depiction of violence towards humans, animal abuse, images of corpses and mutilated bodies, or other similarly disturbing images. Please note that viewers often find coubs with sharp increase in volume, or ‘screamers,’ disturbing, and such coubs are likely to get banned due to complaints from users.

❌ Manufacturing and using drugs

We do not allow content relating to the manufacture, cultivation, distribution, acquisition, or use of drugs and other illegal substances.

❌ Insulting religious feelings

Coub is not a place to share content that insults or discredits religious beliefs or holy places.

❌ Bullying and Harassment

We will not tolerate content with malicious insults based on someone’s intrinsic attributes, such as racial slurs, verbal abuse, including vulgar language, and content that targets private individuals to degrade, shame or harass them.

❌ Content harmful for children

We do not tolerate any content that encourages children to engage in mentally, physically or emotionally dangerous behavior. No illegal or dangerous content affecting children or teenagers will be tolerated.

❌ Content theft or plagiarism

We highly value the uniqueness of every coub and appreciate the ideas and talent of every creator. Hence, it’s not allowed to directly reupload materials that previously appeared on the platform, including coubs with the double Coub watermark. It’s also forbidden to post coubs that violate the intellectual property rights of third parties: copyright, related rights and other rights protected by law.

❌ Commercial promotion

We do not permit commercial promotion of any kind; advertisement of brands, goods and services, logos, or third-party symbols.

Additionally, we ask users not to mention or link other social networks in their coubs, titles or nicknames. There is a dedicated Social networks section to properly link social media pages to a Coub user profile in Account settings.

🎓 Exemptions for Educational, Documentary, Scientific or Artistic content

We encourage our users’ creativity and talent, and consider each coub to be a piece of art that contributes to the community and internet culture in general. We recognize that, at times, shocking or provocative content may serve as a form of artistic expression or social commentary, to invoke stronger emotional response in viewers. Therefore, some exemptions apply to our restrictions.

To determine whether a coub is eligible for an EDSA (Educational, Documentary, Scientific or Artistic) exemption, we carefully review the context. If the demonstration of violence or other restricted topics is not the coub’s sole purpose, and the video sequence is not limited to these topics, our team may approve it. Please note that all coubs in the EDSA category are examined individually and may be marked as sensitive content.

🥽 Sensitive content

Sensitive content does not directly violate Coub guidelines, yet some users may find it unpleasant or disturbing. Labeling such coubs helps us protect new visitors and fellow coubers from unwelcome surprises. We’re hiding ‘sensitive content’ from unauthorized users, while everyone who’s logged into Coub can optionally hide it from their feeds in Content settings.

The Coub team manually reviews and marks each coub with sensitive content. Creators may also optionally select “Sensitive content” checkbox when publishing or editing any of their coubs. These are some types of content we may consider as sensitive:

  • Cruelty and excessive violence, including self-harm
  • Blood, internal body organs, surgical procedures
  • Suggestive content, including stripping, underwear, explicit posturing and dances, display of sexual devices
  • Vulgar, obscene and profane language or excessive insults as the video’s sole intent

Important: The ‘sensitive content’ label will not deprioritize coubs on the platform. By default, sensitive coubs will appear in feeds and search results equally to unrestricted content for all authorized users, except those who select “Hide sensitive content” option.

Violating the rules

The Coub team may apply one of the following measures to users who violate our community rules. The specific measure will depend on the severity and frequency of violations, as well as individual circumstances.

👎 Coub ban

If it’s a one-time, minor violation, we’ll block the coub from public view on our platform and notify the creator via email explaining the reasons for a ban.

💀 Channel deletion

Severe and repeated violations of Coub community guidelines will lead to permanent deletion of the user’s profile and all associated content.

If you disagree with the ban

Before the banned content will be permanently deleted from Coub, users have the right to appeal our decision.

You’ll need to appeal within 30 days after receiving ban notification; otherwise, your content will be irreversibly deleted. The decision made after the appeal is final.

Coub ban

There are two possible ways to appeal:

  • Click “Appeal” in the ban notification email which you’ll receive and use a provided email template to explain your disagreement with the Coub team’s decision.

  • Directly email with the link to the banned coub and the reasons to revert our ban decision.

Channel ban

Email with the link to your banned channel and thoroughly explain: why do you think the content posted on your channel didn’t violate our Community Guidelines.

In the appeal email, try to provide as many details as you can. We aim to respond as soon as possible, typically within 1-2 business days. However, at times, the appeal process may take up to 14 days.

Help us make Coub safer

If you encounter potentially dangerous or restricted content, experience bullying or insults from other users — do not hesitate to get in touch with our Support team. You can report violating content by clicking “Flag” on coub’s page or by emailing

👑 Our recommendations for creators

Coub is an international platform that brings together millions of individuals from all over the globe. As a creator, you can produce content that reaches larger audiences and evokes interest in more viewers, which is particularly important as we’re soon launching Coub’s Watch-to-Earn model. To assist you in creating the most exciting and engaging content, we gathered information from the leading Coub creators on how to make coubs as buzzworthy as possible.

🌎 Spread common values

Focus on international trends. While each community or country may have their own local memes or in-jokes, the more people that can understand or relate to your content, the more popular it will become.

💬 Speak to other coubers

Use the comment section to talk to other coubers, ask for their opinions about your content, and share your experiences. After all, sharing is caring!

🔎 Explore what’s out there

Analyze trends and see what gets featured, explore what other coubers are doing to stay relevant and inspiring.

We wish everyone a thrilling experience at Coub! We’re building an ideal place for self-expression, creativity and enjoyment. Join our community of like-minded people: showcase your talent and, most importantly, have a great time at

🤘 In 🔁 we trust 🤘