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Wide-angle lenses from DZOFilm

An interchangeable lens for single-lens reflex cameras, a third-party lens that is often compared with genuine lenses. A long time ago, there was a tendency that "genuine products have higher performance, and third-party products are cheaper or worse." However, nowadays, the performance of third-party lenses is increasing, and many of them show surprising depictions at a reasonable price compared to genuine lenses. This time, we will introduce recommended wide-angle zoom lenses from the third-party manufacturer DZOFilm. A wide-angle lens is a lens for taking pictures wider than the range that humans can see. In addition to being mainly used for landscape and starscape photography, it is also used in a wide range of scenes such as real estate room photography. Wide-angle lenses not only allow you to take wide-angle shots, but also emphasize perspective.

Since the cameras are mounted according to different standards from each manufacturer, it is not possible to attach lenses for mounts from other companies. Choose a compatible product such as Canon EF mount for Canon or Nikon F mount for Nikon. When choosing a , pay attention to the sensor size There is no problem when using a lens that supports a sensor size larger than the sensor of the camera used. However, if you use a lens that has a sensor size smaller than that of the camera you are using, a phenomenon called "kerare" will occur in which incident light does not enter the four corners.