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Types of contrast

It is often said that you need to add contrast to images to give them more strength. It obviously depends on your intention (you may want to make an image very smooth and pastel tones), but if you want to create contrast, it's not limited to a slider in your post-processing software, or a stroke of curves.. Let's see together the 3 main types of contrast and what they bring to the composition of your images. Indeed, the composition is actually based mainly on the elements that catch the eye in the photo. It's all about balancing the areas you want to draw attention to (the eye is drawn to them if you've done your job well), and those that don't interest you (the eye is pushed back). But the is the first thing that catches the eye, even before a bright area. That is, a dark object on a light background will strongly attract the eye.

Only here, contrary to the first idea that one has of it, the contrast is not only related to the tones, that is to say the light on the dark (or the reverse)! There are 3 types of contrast that you can all use to build your images. Let's see what is behind them, and how you can reinforce them in your images. The contrast of tones This is what you know as contrast, for short. If it is so important, it is because it is he and he alone who produces the lines and shapes in your image, which is ultimately only in 2 dimensions after all! So without tonal contrast, we wouldn't see anything in the image. Read more: