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First Mobile Phone for the Blind by Odin Mobile

For those who are having problems with their eyesight will find Odin Mobile their new best friend with . This new mobile brand that was launched on Wednesday aims to provide their customers with eyesight problems the power of mobile technology that is customized to suit their needs. There are several accessibility features that have been integrated into several of Odin Mobile devices but the three handsets that this company has on their shelves are specifically designed to help those who have low-vision and who are blind. There is the Huawei Vision which costs around $300 and was designed for the use of the blind. Its users will be able to navigate their way around the phone using swipe technology with emphasis on voice-to-text and voice readouts. The Huawei Vision can support object recognition, texts, calls, GPS navigation and over 100,000 audio books.

The other devices that Odin Mobile has in its stocks are the Emporia Essence which is priced at $49.99 and the Emporia Click which is pegged at $73.00. These two are much simpler in terms of design but they are also geared to supporting those with low vision. Among the features that these mobile phones have include speed and call dial, oversized numbers and screens with high-contrast. This entire new concept of is clearly a vision that can help support those whose eyesight is limited. Since mobile phones are considered to be essential these days, this new phone design will have a big impact in many people’s lives.