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Steps To Write A Comparison Essay

Figure out the topic – the first step is to figure out the basis of comparison. What do you want to compare and contrast in your essay. Whether you want to focus on comparing ideologies, objects, people, etc. Gather data – next, you need to identify the similarities and differences between the subjects and list them down. Focus on the main aspects that are different or similar from one another. Create a thesis statement – once you have listed down the similarities and differences, assess which one is the more dominant aspect. If they are more towards the similar side, develop a thesis statement that reflects it. Block method – here you divide the body in half. The first half presents all the relevant points about subject A, followed by everything that you have on subject B.

Conclusion – provide the reader with an overview of the entire essay. Don’t rewrite all the similarities and differences; just present a summary of the main points. This was a complete guide to help you write a comparison essay. If you’re still unable to craft an interesting essay, then don’t freak out. There’s help available online – reach out to an  and have them assist you. If you’re worried about the cost, ask them can you write my essay free and enjoy a quality paper.