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I can’t write an essay.What should I do?

Stop treating the composition as a work that requires creativity and the arrival of muses. I would ask for from teachers, but here is another option, and I want to consider it. The composition is a detailed answer to a rather broad question, which decomposes into several simpler ones. So do this: make a plan. Those. just lay out the topic on small issues. The more you can come up with such components - the more will be the composition. Then you answer yourself out loud “in a normal way” - i.e. so how would you reply to a friend. This is necessary in order to form an answer in your head - so it will then be easier to translate it into a decent written genre. Further to each of your answers you ask a question - “what do you prove?” This means that the answer to the question must be confirmed by facts from the text.

One in principle may be enough - but much better if there is more than one such fact.Then sit down and write. Each question is a paragraph. The answer to the question is at least (if problems are undersigned) one sentence; each example is another. Write complex sentences, then even a paragraph of two or three sentences will look complete. You have the bulk ready. In the introduction, you can clarify terms from the topic or immediately give an answer to the question posed in the topic and add: “I will try to prove this using examples from the text.”