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Recommendations for creating a strong essay

To write a quality essay, it is important to learn to look at the problem from a new perspective, to be able to pose non-standard questions and look for answers to them. It is necessary to abandon cliches and template views on the problem in order to offer a non-standard solution. A useful technique for is called by many teachers “What if ...”. It is possible to achieve the required subjectivity and originality if you independently design a situation that will be the opposite of common sense. In this case, one has to move from the opposite in the argument, then interesting work is obtained. For example, an essay on the need for vaccination of the population can be based on the proposal to imagine a society in which everyone will refuse vaccinations at once. Such a rhetorical device makes imagination and thinking work at maximum speed.

A good essay must contain a study on this topic, as well as their own conclusions in a non-standard form. The style of writing such a text should be as close as possible to the texts of public speaking. The ability to write quality essays is useful in life, since such tasks teach a person to think outside the box, which becomes the key to the ability to solve work issues. In addition, the essay pushes the author to development and self-education, perseverance and high self-organization. All these are qualities that are highly appreciated by modern employers.