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What are the five steps of tree felling?

The five step felling strategy You must carry out each stage of the five step felling plan to accomplish the operation safely and properly. Here are the 5 steps according to Irvine Tree experts from - they are among the best arborists in Irvine and LA in general. For a free quote call or visit 1329 Scott Rd, Burbank, CA 91504. 1 Assess the site• Assess the stand for risks-the\sterrain, roads, rails, other operations,\spowerlines. • Wind strength and direction – will it\saffect safety? 2 Assess the tree • Any defects? Rotting timber, heavy lean,\sinterlocked branches, debris\sin branches, dead tops. • Soil very damp or dry? Could that affect\sstability? • Falling direction? What could the tree hit\sas it falls? Which way will you escape? • If you can fell it safely, consider which\scuts to employ.

How to Fell a Windblown Tree

3 Prepare work area and escape\sroute • Clear around the base of the tree\s–leave no plants or impediments. • Map out your escape path, ideally 45 degrees behind the tree.4 Use proper, safe felling practices. • More than 200mm at the stump? Always wear a scarf and keep your hair back. • Work on your lean. How many wedges are you going to need? Do you require machine assistance?5 Look up and retreat! • Finish the cut on the tree's safe side. As soon as the tree starts to fall, use your escape route. • Keep an eye out for kickbacks, butt swings, or bounces, as well as anything falling or being flicked back. • Avoid walking straight behind the tree.