Wizard of Oz Slot Machine

The Wizard of Oz slot machine is one of the best slots in Vegas, with fantastic gameplay and entertaining bonus rounds featuring all the characters from the hit movie. Online, the nearest games to the Wizard of Oz online can be found at Jackpot City Casino, with their excellent new "i-slots" range of games that have some stunning gameplay and bonus rounds In Vegas, Wizard of Oz can be found in quite a few casinos, but surprisingly, it is still not yet present in all of them. This may be because it is still a relatively new game. Two Vegas hotels that do have the game are The Wynn and The Tropicana. Wizard of Oz Slot in Vegas with a 21st century unique ’sensory immersion gaming experience’, enhanced graphics, a unique gaming chair with Bose powered surround sound system. The chair even vibrates when something big happens during the game.

It goes without saying that there are loads of people wanting to play the Wizard of Oz slots online.

Probably the most popular of the games at Jackpot City Casino are the i-slots, where, you play the game as if you are the main character - as the story progresses you accumulate bonus money, which is a bit like the trip down the yellow brick lane on the way to oz. It’s not quite the same quality as the WMS slots, but it’s about the best we have seen.