How to Write Sex Research Papers, Term Papers & Thesis

The vast majority of research papers and term papers on sex are written in APA Style or CSE/CBE Style . The style and format differ between papers on the basis of level, length and type of the paper. Sexual reproduction is prevalent in most species for the purpose of producing new individuals. Individuals of such species produce a special type of cells known as gametes whose primary function is to fuse with another gamete. The fusion process is known as fertilization. According to convention, the larger gamete cell is typically associated with the female sex. Therefore, an individual that produces the large gametes exclusively is considered to be the female while the one producing the smaller gamete exclusively is called the male.

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Research papers on sex differ in their content since the topic is a subject of study both in the natural sciences and the social sciences. Even so a repetitive format can be observed. The following sections are most commonly found in research papers and term papers on sex: Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Analysis and Discussion, Conclusion and References. Research papers are written in a style that puts emphasis on unambiguous as well as easily understood presentation of ideas and information. It should not be one that depends on expressive use of complex and evocative language which relies upon richly ambiguous imagery as well as symbolism.