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Top 5 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

We can look out for many signs of early pregnancy, but every woman is different and not all signs are always present. All of the following symptoms may be the first signs of pregnancy, but they can also be part of a normal menstrual cycle in addition to missing menstruation. 1. Absence of menstruation 2. Nausea and vomiting 3. Fatigue and emotionality 4. More frequent toilet visits 5. Painful breasts Other possible first signs of pregnancy Vaginal Discharge - Increased vaginal discharge (without irritating sensations or pain) often occurs during pregnancy. Change in taste and smell - some women say they experience a strange metallic taste. You may crave new dishes and at the same time lose interest in the food you once enjoyed. However, when it comes to your sense of smell, you may find that you can no longer tolerate certain odors.

What Are the Early Symptoms and Signs of Pregnancy?

You have decided to enrich your life with a baby, so we offer you the 10 best useful tips to improve your chances of getting pregnant with your partner and to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy. اعراض الحمل المبكرة 1. Start taking 400 µg of folic acid supplement every day 2. Eat a healthy diet before pregnancy 3. Maintain a healthy weight  4. Quit smoking 5. Limit alcohol consumption 6. Perform a thorough medical examination 7. Relax 8. Exercise regularly 9. Do not use tight pants