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Your comment will appear after it is approved. An essay is academic writing that describes, analyzes, and evaluates a particular topic or issue. An essay usually contains a combination of facts and figures and the writer's personal opinions, ideas. In this article, we will first look at different types of essays and then highlight some commonly written essays. Advertisement -Different types of essays -Descriptive essay -Narrative essay -Argumentative essay -Persuasive essay -Experimental essay -Comparison/Contrast Essay -Critical Essay -Reason / Essay -5 Paragraph Essay -Deductive Essay

How to write a descriptive essay Narrative Essay As the name suggests, a narrative essay tells a story. A good narrative essay writer can make readers feel that whatever he or she writes is real and interesting. The first person point of view is commonly used in narrative essays. In this genre, a conversational tone is used since the essay contains a story. Some examples of expository essay topics are "First Day of School," "Trip to the Zoo," "An Unforgettable Day," etc.