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Can an ESA be for People with Physical Disability

For people who are physically disabled, they can take specially trained animals to do many disability tasks like pulling or pushing something. These animals also provide a guide to blind people. Services are licensed to go in places with their owner but ESAs are not allowed. ESAs are not specially trained for a physically disabled person so they are not allowed at schools, universities, and traveling. In case of mental disorder issues, you get a special license to get your ESA pet with you at school, university or hospital otherwise everyone has not allowed doing so. You can further check “free emotional support animal letter” samples online to get a better idea of how to write an ESA letter. You can contact professionals as well to get assistance in your process.  

What we need to do is to educate people about the difference between ESA and service animals. Service animal’s purpose is to provide you physical support and ESA provides you just emotional support to cure your mental illness. Because there are many ESA pets we see, which are used to do service work as well. This is against the law of ESA pets.You will need an emotional support dog letter if you want to keep a dog as an ESA. In many institutions, professional animal trainers give training to animals to do physical tasks like turning of switching the lights, stop children from going into traffic, and give the training to follow the instructions of their handlers.