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How to Protect Your Car From Snow Damage

To wax, your car, place a silver dollar-sized amount of wax on a foam applicator or damp sponge. Then, use gentle, overlapping circular motions to use the wax evenly over a little section of the car at a time, getting more wax as required. Once you finish waxing, allow the car to take a seat for a couple of minutes. You can get the here

Car Wax Buying Guide

Cars demand significant investments and proper maintenance is one way to ensure that your car lasts longer. Using a Car Wax is a method to take care of the shine of the car and protect it also. Even if you wash your vehicle regularly, you continue to got to apply a layer of wax. Car Wax is a crucial component in preventing oxidation and discoloration of the car and hence investing in a good quality Car Wax is vital.